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Thaise Emilio



Twitter: @ThaiseEmilio

Thaise Emilio is a Researcher at the Plant Biology Department at the University of Campinas and collaborator faculty at UNICAMP’s Ecology Graduate Program.

She has an undergraduate degree from the University of São Carlos, an MSc and a PhD from National Institute for Amazonian Research. She has also conducted postdoctoral research as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. She studies patterns of plant diversity and abundance variation in tropical ecosystems. Her approach combines ecological, morphological, physiological, and comparative methods to understand the role of plant functional traits on plant distribution and ecosystem dynamics. She is particularly interested in how trait variation contributes to plant community assembly and how to use this information to understand, preserve, restore, and predict vegetation patterns across space and time. She has worked extensively in the Brazilian Amazon and more recently is expanding her research to other Brazilian ecosystems, including the Cerrado, Atlantic Forest and Caatinga. At PELD-IAFA, she conducts floristic inventories of palms, describes and quantifies plant functional characteristics, and participates in monitoring the growth, recruitment and survival of trees and palms to understand the performance of different species in space and time.


Itanna PELD
Itanna Fernandes




Itanna Fernandes is a substitute professor at the Federal University of Amazonas – UFAM (Department of Biology), a PNPD postdoctoral research at the National Institute for Amazonian Research - INPA (Coordination in Biodiversity) and a collaborator faculty at the Postgraduate Program in Entomology at INPA, and also help with the curatorship of the INPA Formicidae.

She has a degree from the Federal University of Rondônia – UNIR, a MSc and a PhD from the National Institute for Amazonian Research. She is the coordinator of three ongoing projects funded by FAPEAM (Isolated, but winged: dynamics of ant dispersion in the Anavilhanas Archipelago), (Shaping the future: use of augmented reality in museum attractions) and CAPES (Organization of INPA's Insecta types collection). She won the Global Biodiversity Information Facility – GBIF World Young Researchers award in 2017. Itanna's research lines are integrative taxonomy, systematics and ant evolution (Formicidae), also working in species conservation areas such as ad hoc of ICMBio (Red List). At the PELD-IAFA, Itanna is responsible for ant classification, including their taxonomy and systematics.

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