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Thematic lines and responsible researchers

Biomass dynamics and plant necromass: William Magnusson and José Julio de Toledo

Litter dynamics: Flávio Luizão and Regina Luizão

Chelonian population dynamics: Cláudia Keller

Dynamics of vegetation and biomass: Carolina Volkmer de Castilho, William Laurance and Susan Laurance

Dynamics of Emerging Trees: Bruce Walker Nelson

Temporal dynamics of amphibians: Albertina Lima

Temporal dynamics of trees: José Luís Camargo

Temporal dynamics of birds: Marina Anciães

Temporal dynamics of ants: Elizabeth Franklin Chilson and Jorge Souza

Temporal dynamics of fish: Jansen Zuanon

Eco-hydrology: Flávia Capellotto Costa

Environmental education, transfer of information to society: Rita Mesquista

Tree phenology: Isolde Ferraz and José Luís Camargo