Impactos Antrópicos na Floresta Amazônica - Anthropogenic Impacts on the Amazon Forest


The Long Term Ecological Reseach project (PELD in Portuguese) is designed and funded by the National Council of Scientific Research and Development (CNPq), and is part of the program "Science, Technology and Innovation for Nature and Climate" from the Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT). The PELD IAFA is a pioneer initiative regarding the generation of information on key aspects for Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources of the Brazilian ecosystems. It was established in 1996 under the Integrated Programme of Ecology (IPE), and focuses on the establishment of permanent research sites in various biomes of Brazilian ecosystems, integrated in a network for the development and monitoring of long-term ecological research.


Besides the general project coordination, our main contribution in this project is to understand the dynamics of ant infection by fungal Ophiocordyceps parasites and temporal dynamics of ant communities (but other research projects involving temporal dynamics are welcome).